Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exhibitions in Europe impacted by volcanic ash

Trade Show Executive has a good round up of exhibitions hit by the (ongoing) Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption.

"Germany’s massive bauma 2010 trade show for the construction equipment industry was among the exhibitions that opened as scheduled in Europe. The April 19-25 triennial event, organized by Messe München International [which] said in an advisory that it was recruiting stand-ins to man the orphaned booths and basically collect business cards. 'These temporary employees will accept and collect any enquiries for exhibitors and pass them on to the respective company employees as soon as possible,' the advisory said."

Here is a series of photos of the impact on the London Book Fair - empty booths.

Conworld.net has a piece on the impact on European meetings.

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Joern Lucht said...

Updates are in from Amsterdam, Cork(Ireland), Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Serbia and London. NBTA and ICCA have issued statements. Interesting reading; ranging from "Business almost as usual" to "Hotels sending out layoff warnings to employees". http://conworld.info/ce8G3j