Monday, April 06, 2009

Fighting in Jimé's army

United Business Media, like many large companies, has a section of its website devoted to persuading potential employees that it's a great place to work. It's nicely done and includes some testimonials from staff in various parts of the world.

UBM Asia is well represented with four former colleagues of mine from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Seoul. My eye was particularly caught by the entry from Sabine Liu in Taipei who says "Working for UBM Asia and UBM is like being a soldier fighting on various battlefields at once". We shall remember to save our smartest salute for General Essink when our paths next cross.

Just teasing everybody in the B2B media business these days, they're going to need all their fighting spirit to get through this year with the troops intact. Mind you, TradeShow Week in its 'the grass is greener over there' piece last week did single out UBM Asia as one company that seems to be doing better than some. It noted:

UBM Asia’s portfolio (formerly CMP Asia) also looks to have a good year. Key events, such as the September edition of the Hong Kong Intl. Jewellery Show, the All China Leather Exhibition, Marintec, Furniture China and Cosmoprof Asia are on track to achieve growth this year, according to the company.


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