Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Campaign-ing in China

Our friends at Haymarket in Asia were a little slow to climb onto the online bandwagon. But, having firmly pointed themselves in a web-oriented direction over the past 12 months, appear to be charging off towards Internet glory.

Titles such as Media and CEI now have fully-fledged e-offerings which we are finding very useful. It was useful to see today (thanks to Thomas Crampton for this, now at Ogilvy and generally source of all that is considered wisdom on online media) that Haymarket founder Michael Heseltine's first love, Campaign, is now emerging as a brand with this new Chinese website.

Just to add a further Crampton twist to this. He twittered (as he does) about how good the Google translation of the new site was. Check it out for yourself. It's not bad.


hemartin said...

Hi Paul, are you on twitter? If you use it, please tell me you twitter name ... I twitter @hemartin

(I just saw that you mentioned Thomas Crampton RT about the Launch of Haymarket's Chinese language Media Magazine)

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