Friday, March 24, 2006

TechTarget on an international roll

The announcement that my friends at Vogel and TechTarget are to link up for a new venture in Germany contained a nugget on Asia that had passed me by:

The Vogel IT Media partnership is TechTarget’s tenth international partnership within two years. Already this year, TechTarget announced partnerships with Netremedia Pte Ltd, a technology media company headquartered in Singapore, and Saga Technology, an IT publisher in Bulgaria.

This goes back to January which just goes to show that I haven't been paying sufficient attention. The announcement from the time says that "TechTarget Asia will serve English-speaking IT professionals throughout the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). ...TechTarget Asia will launch Asian versions of,,, and several Windows-related sites, as well as regional editions of Information Security and Storage magazines. TechTarget also announced a reciprocal sales agreement with Netremedia, enabling each company to sell advertising on the other’s media".

Buried at the end of that release is a nugget which will be interesting to many in the Asian B2B world: Netremedia is a division of Pico subsidiary Meeting Planners. That empire continues to expand in a most intriguing way.

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