Friday, December 13, 2013

UBM India launches security website

News this week: Recently, UBM India, a subsidiary of UBM plc, has launched a security community website, India Security World. The website provides online resources for the security and fire industries.

India Security World aims to bring all industry players on a common platform and users can discuss on the platform, as well as share information on it. According to UBM India, the Indian security market is expected to grow at 30%-35%. In addition, the Indian Government has increased its security budget by 35% to US$1 billion on police modernisation and arranging coordinated intelligence gathering.

Joji George, managing director, UBM India said, “A trend that has emerged is that the security industry is moving towards a ‘one-stop shop’ model in the commercial and industrial markets as customers seek to decrease their systems integration costs. The India Security World will cater to the industry and closely follow IP-based systems gaining ground and also the convergence of IT and physical security.”

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