Monday, September 13, 2010

Ali Everything

Seriously, is there anything Alibaba won't jump into?

Check out this sampling from one Google Alert:

China's Internet King shares his stage with Schwarzenegger at the Hangzhou-based company's Alifest. The two discuss Alibaba's American market ambitions.

The day before eBay's John Donahoe came with hat in hand and conceded defeat in China (just about five years too late). John wonders if it is not too much trouble if Ali might consider becoming eBay's partner.

Alibaba earmarks US$3 million to help U.S. students (yes, U.S. students) to create e-commerce jobs and businesses.

Chinese auto giant, Geely is planning to sell cars in China... on Alibaba platforms.

And while they are at it, Ali seems to be tiring of the deadwood that is Yahoo. CEO, David Wei went on Bloomberg and stated rather directly: “Why do we need a financial investor with no business synergy or technology?”

Good luck getting rid of Yahoo, they are holding on for dear life hoping that Alipay, Taobao and other Alibaba Group IPOs will save them from themselves.

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