Saturday, January 10, 2009

Swing back to mega events?

Happy New Year. What a lazy blogger I've been. Ah well. I am, however, intrigued enough by the suggestion that Apple will abandon Macworld in favour of CES to sharpen the iGooseQuill and share a few thoughts (thanks by the way to Colin Crawford for pointing to this piece via his Facebook status).

Received wisdom since the dotcom crash and the demise of Comdex has been that technology events are fragmenting and becoming more focused and specialised. Apple's shunning of Comdex, CES and other similar shows for the single brand Macworld has been offered frequently (by me amongst many others) as the best example of this key trend. We wondered when it might roll around the world and hit big events elsewhere, most notably CeBIT in Hannover.

Is this something to do with the economic downturn driving people back to big fairs or more a feature of Apple's repositioning itself as a consumer products company?


Madaxeman said...

To me this is much more about Apple's product positioning, and its relationship with its "ecosystem" than anything to do with big vs small trade shows. MacWorld wasn't exactly "niche" in focus anyway.

My commentary is here on my blog:

Paul Woodward said...

Fair comment. A bad example perhaps, although I would stand by the basic point that, particularly in these times of crisis, marketers appear to be focusing back on some of the 'safe' big name shows.