Friday, June 27, 2008

Pssst...want to buy a magazine?

As regular readers will know, we've followed the travails of the Lexicon Group in Singapore (nee Panpac, married name Sun Business Network, now divorced) for some time (see here for most recent post). Now, the company says it "is currently reviewing its magazines publishing programme (both print and online versions) and streamlining its operations with the view to
reduce cost and improve productivity, so as to cushion the impact of rising cost and
challenging market conditions".

The long-suffering boss, Ricky Ang says "we hope to complete the review and finalise
our publishing programme for the current year and beyond within the next few weeks". While talking about the potential viability (or not) of some of its websites, the company is also saying "In the pipeline, there are also plans to launch several new publications, which will be announced by the Group in due course". Very brave boys.

Current publications include Singapore Business Visitor, Smart Investor, and Port O' Call for visiting military personnel.

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