Friday, November 09, 2007

DH Gate puts prices up front

I met Celina Chen when she spoke on the same panel as me at ad:tech in Beijing a couple of weeks ago. She is COO of of which, I'm afraid to say, I wasn't previously aware.

This is a catch-up week and I've just looked. It's a very interesting twist on the B2B sourcing model as it focuses very clearly on the small scale transaction. Prices are up front on all pages and the basic product listing leads you straight through payment and shipping options. A couple of sample clicks showed that you can go down to lots as small as 5 electronic picture frames worth $150.

It's clearly shooting at a buyer/seller level much lower than the main target of Global Sources and is much more transaction-oriented than Alibaba. Global Sources has tried to target this segment with its Global Sources Direct service, but that doesn't seem to be a key focus for them.

Global Sources Direct scores 36,105 on's rankings. DHGate is at 6,153. Hmmm. Acquisition target for someone?

P.S. They have a very neat sourcing blog as part of the site on which DHGate executives post.

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