Friday, January 27, 2006

Cybermedia reports strong Q3

I know I blog this company a lot (most recently here and here), but I do like what they do and they are one of the few Asian full-service B2B media companies which has any kind of transparency.

The company itself reports as follows:

The CyberMedia Group today posted a 28 percent increase in net profit to Rs 17.68 million for the third quarter ended December 31, 2005, from Rs 13.84 million reported in the year-ago period.

The specialty Media Publishing House's gross income remained steady at Rs 219.47 million during the reporting quarter. EBITDA margins increased to 18 percent, mainly due to exit from low margin businesses.

CEO Pradeep Gupta is quoted as saying that the first nine months of FY'06 had run according to plan.

“The financial performance of the company improved with profit margins on the rise even with new businesses being developed. In fact, the international launches are being rolled out ahead of schedule. These launches will impact operating margins over the next few quarters.”

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