Saturday, September 24, 2011

Name registration introduced at China

News this week: Last week, B2B e-commerce company released an announcement on its Chinese website to China users that they will need to register with the company before 23rd September if they wish to continue using the company’s service. The registration will require users to provide their real names along with their ID number issued by the government.

Those who fail to register will be unable to post new products or update information about their products. User accounts will be removed if they fail to comply with the registration by 2012. Alibaba attributes the reason for implementing the verification process as part of a move to improve trustworthiness and combating fraud.

A senior manager at Alibaba was quoted saying, “We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of information on our e-commerce platforms. This new policy launched on our China marketplace will help further enhance the trustworthiness of our members, further boosting the quality of suppliers, ultimately this will enhance the online experiences of buyers and sellers on our platform.”

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