Friday, November 27, 2009

Asia is where the action is

HSBC to Refocus on Asian Markets - Good piece here in the New York Times about HSBC's decision to move its CEO from London back to where he should be: in Hong Kong. He's not the only one: I gather that Fidelity International's Investment President Anthony Bolton is heading this way too along with Goldman Sachs head of global capital markets, Dominique Jooris.

What's this all got to do with business media? Well, two things possibly:

1. Asia is where the action is. It's been that way for a while, but this is very clearly the story of the next 2 - 3 years at least. The BBC recently reported the OECD's improved global outlook with the headline "World economies rebound but China set for best growth". And Hong Kong looks poised to take big advantage of that: property markets are booming here, back to almost record levels, and the mood is far more upbeat than either Europe or N. America.

2. The financial media based here should reap dividends from these moves: companies like Haymarket with its Finance Asia title, Euromoney plc with AsiaMoney and the various specialist titles of Incisive can only benefit from the moves which are being announced. Interesting that Incisive has just launched its new Professional Advisor title in Hong Kong with the now compulsory Twitter feed up and running on day one. I suppose all those bankers are going to need some good advice on how to work their own money harder.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Virtual World Expo

An interesting post here at Ogilvy's Asia Digital Map blog which feeds my current fascination with the evolution of virtual events and social media: Asia Digital Map » Blog Archive » Take a virtual tour of World Expo 2010 Shanghai

There is a real buzz beginning to build about the World Expo which is very interesting: the tired old cynics in other parts of the world who dismiss these things as something old-fashioned and not for the digital native generation may be in for something of a surprise. The numbers are staggering and the organisers seem well on the way to hitting their targests: they're already 30% over their ambitious sponsorship targets which is pretty impressive in this tough crisis year.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hu Shuli's Exit from Caijing...interesting commentary

This is an interesting commentary on the muddle at Caijing magazine, the crusading financial magazine closely associated with its editor Hu Shuli. Hu, in a much rumoured move, recently parted company with owner SEEC Media's chairman Wang Boming along with a sizeable portion of the magazine's staff.

Hu Shuli's Exit from Caijing: Mostly over

The commentary linked here at suggests that it was a good old-fashioned media power struggle rather than a life and death fight over press freedom as it has been portrayed in much western media commentary.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ogilvy On: Twitter for Business

This SlideShare Presentation includes the slides used in yesterday's very interesting webinar run by Ogilvy's Thomas Crampton and his colleague Brian Giesen. I was one of the minority who voted that Twitter was of most interest for creating buzz around events but that is clearly of particular interest for our industry.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Virtual Meetings Will Be Replaced by Live Meetings? | The Power of LIVE

There's been a lot of talk of late of real meetings being replaced by virtual events. Some organisers appear to have taken this route as a last resort to keep ailing events at least on some sort of life support. Folio with its magazine show and Hanley Wood's Big Builder Conference are just two examples I've noticed recently. The smart money, however, still appears to be on the combination of intelligent online strategies that make the best of the strengths of the face-to-face and virtual worlds.

That was what UFI's outgoing President John Shaw was saying to Vincent Everts at the Zagreb Congress last week and that's basically what this interesting piece suggests too: Virtual Meetings Will Be Replaced by Live Meetings? | The Power of LIVE