Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Healthy and stable"

How many B2B media CEOs have been able to use that phrase this year in describing their companies' finances? Not many. And, in fact, the CEO who said that, didn't use exactly those words. He said "gesund und stabil" and the company in question is Deutsche Fachverlag from Frankfurt. The CEO, Klaus Kottmeier.

Thanks to Hugo E. Martin for his summary of their results. Brush up German, guys to read Hugo's post or the DFV press release. For those who can't manage it, highlights are:

Overall sales: up 2% at €135.7mn
Events sales: up 20.4% at €5.9 mn
Online sales: up 20% at €5.4 mn
Over-seas revenues: up 10% at €
27.8 mn

Print, of course, took a bit of a pasting and was was down 8.6% at €91mn. Mind you, most magazine CEOs would look very kindly on a publisher who brought a single digit decline in advertising revenues to a review meeting.

This was the first year that DFV is including results from its investment in Indian publisher
Images Multimedia Group.