Friday, January 16, 2015

UFI survey: positive perspectives for exhibition industry in 2015

News this week: Last week, UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, announced the results of its 14th edition of Global Exhibition Barometer Survey, with a majority of surveyed companies in all regions declaring an increase in revenues since 2011. The survey was conducted in December 2014 and answered by 203 companies from 55 countries.

In terms of profits, majority of the surveyed companies reported stable or increasing annual profits, but less than half of them declared an increase of more than 10% in 2014. New business developments are planned for many companies where 76% are planning new activities and 51% are planning to expand exhibition operations to new regions.

Paul Woodward, UFI Managing Director, concluded, “In a globally fragile economic environment, the exhibition industry continues to demonstrate a fairly good performance, except in some countries with specific current issues. UFI encourages all surveyed companies to keep providing their input in order to maintain this important tool for the industry and its stakeholders.”

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