Friday, December 02, 2011

Global Sources’ survey: Exporters focus on emerging markets

News this week: This week, B2B media company Global Sources released the results of a survey conducted by the company based on feedback from 581 exporters based in mainland China. According to the survey, China-based suppliers are increasing overseas shipments to emerging markets due to slowing orders from Europe as a result of the growing debt crisis.

The survey reveals that 42% of respondents expect to strengthen their footholds in South and Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region in the coming months.

The survey also indicated an optimistic outlook for Asian markets which was in part attributed to the free trade agreement in place between China and other countries in the region. Around 20% of surveyed companies plan to increase their presence in the China market, citing favourable government policies towards increasing domestic consumption.

On the drop-off in European orders, nearly all respondents reported exports being affected by the debt crisis; 35% of companies reported significant impact, while almost 60% reported some impact.

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