Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time out for Time Out

It seems it's Time Out's moment for standing in the corner, hands on head, until it feels really, really sorry and can grovel suitably to the GAPP in China. According to the London Times, the June issue of the Beijing edition of the magazine has been pulped. We have to assume they won't be considered half sorry enough until at least after the Olympics, more sign of paranoia in Beijing about what constitutes a "successful" Games.

Nothing to do with the June issue focusing on the environment, we're sure.

It seems that, despite operating under the cover of a powerful Chinese publisher such as SEEC Media, Time Out, has suffered the same fate as One Media's Rolling Stone efforts. And this despite TO Beijing being an English-language publication targeting the dwindling number of expats being allowed to stay in the country as the visa crackdown bites.

Update: thanks to one correspondent who already pointed out to me that another "what's on" mag, "That's China" has also been taken off the streets recently. This despite it being published together with China Intercontinental Press which is I gather a direct offshoot of the Propaganda Department. "Proof positive" as my correspondent says "that as far as media is involved , guanxi has its distinct limitations".

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