Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I should not be a lazy blogger

I should not be a lazy blogger
I should not be a lazy blogger...

...because if I am, people stop reading this. I do have excuses, but it's been over a week and I wonder what I should write about now. Options include:

  1. The possible merger of United Business Media and Informa. At a time that Reed is set to blow its B2B business to bits, those two are, according to the Daily Telegraph, looking to join hands to form a new GBP 3 billion media giant. Don't forget, it's not all that long ago that Informa swallowed IIR.
  2. More senior management departures at the South China Morning Post.
  3. Or, how about a new joint venture in India between Germany's Burda and HT Media, the company which owns the Hindustan Times?
  4. More challenges at the Lexicon Group (born Panpac Media and then for a while Sun Business Network), still tidying up after it's adventures with Bruno Wu.
Take your pick. In the meantime, I'll return to my lines..."I should not be a lazy blogger". Sounds a bit rude actually, doesn't it?


Q of Oz said...

I too am an 'ex Hong Konger', although not quite to the extent of yourself - just on 8 years. The SCMP departures remind me of the shake up when it was sold. What ever happened to Nury Vitachi? Used to so enjoy his Travellers Tales. Feel free to drop by my website at www.crocsinternational.com

Paul Woodward said...

Hi. Nury is still around and writing as well as ever. He is back as a columnist of the Standard and has a personal website here: http://www.nuryvittachi.com/.