Monday, June 02, 2008

Leaving Reuters

I hope these two things are not connected. No sooner have we quoted the man, than Reuters' Asia head of media, Azhar Rafee, announces he's leaving. According to the report, "he will leave by end of June, and is planning to get into an entrepreneurial venture down the line, though he is taking a break for now".

Rafee has been based in Hong Kong. The report suggests that his job will be splits in two between "Alisa Bowen, based in London, [who] will take over the strategic aspects of his position, while current media sales head Joachim Schmaltz will take over the consumer aspects of his job".

I hope Rafee's entrepreneurial venture is something more solid sounding than the profile I just came across through my LinkedIn contacts. One chap who sounds as though he's been smoking funny cigarettes in Thailand for too long describes himself as a "yoga instructor, mangosteen trader and entrepreneur". Hmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

It's about time the guy is leaving. He certinly messup up Reuters for long enough.

Thanks be to god.