Friday, November 28, 2014

CCID revenues and profits down

News this week: Hong Kong-listed consulting and media group, CCID Consulting, posted its results for the nine months ending 30 September 2014. In that period, revenues slipped 5% to US$15.1 million.

In the same period, CCID’s net profit fell by 12% to US$1.16 million. Earnings per share in the nine months were RMB 1.02 cents. CCID’s  “Management and Consulting Services” generate the majority of its revenues - US$8.85 million (or 59% of revenues). Marketing Consulting Services accounted for 10% of revenues in the period and “Information Engineering Supervision Services” 31%.

In the past nine months, CCID organised a series of conferences and events including the 2014 China IT Market Annual Conference, the 2014 China Semiconductor Market Annual Conference and the Big Data World Forum. These events were held in a variety of cities including Beijing, Wuxi and Guiyang.

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