Thursday, September 19, 2013

HKCEC hosted 145 exhibitions and conferences in 2012

News this week: A total of 1,180 events were held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) during the fiscal year 2012-2013 (July 2012 – June 2013). The HKCEC reported the hosting of 115 exhibitions and 30 conferences, which attracted more than 5.2 million visitors.

Seven organisers launched new exhibitions at the HKCEC during the period, covering the real estate, bakery, diving and resort, sports and interior design industries. Among the 104 recurrent exhibitions, 20 of them recorded double-digit growth in exhibition space over their previous edition. The remaining four exhibitions were one off events.

Covering a wide range of industries, 22 of the 30 large conferences held at the HKCEC were international conferences. A total of 11 events were held for the first time at the venue. Other events held at the venue also included entertainment and special events, banquets, corporate events, media conferences, seminars and smaller meetings.

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