Friday, September 13, 2013

CyberMedia sells bio-tech magazine portfolio

New this week: Indian specialty publisher, CyberMedia, announced the sale of its media property BioSpectrum to an Indian trade exhibitions company, MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications Pvt Ltd for an undisclosed sum. The terms of the acquisition agreement includes the publishing rights, title and interest in and to the brand and business of BioSpectrum.

BioSpectrum, published monthly, is a biotech business magazine that covers bio pharma, bio agriculture, bio informatics, bio industrial, bio suppliers and bio services. MM Activ is an Indian trade exhibitions company, focusing in the areas of frontier science and technology.

Jagdish Patankar, managing director of MM Activ, commented: “BioSpectrum is a well-recognised and acclaimed brand in the biotechnology sector. With our current presence in events in life sciences, agriculture and food and nutrition, this acquisition will help us provide a wider offering to our customers.”

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