Monday, May 19, 2008

More on earthquake support

Thanks also to Michael Duck of CMP Asia for responding to my request for more information on what our industry's doing in response to the earthquake victims in Sichuan. He says:

  • CMP SinoExpo (in China)have donated RMB 100,000 to the Red Cross
  • CMP Asia have donated US$15,000 to Medecins Sans Frontiers
  • CMP Asia are donating a sum to be finalised from Staff and matched $ for $ by the company to Oxfam
  • United Business Media are donating directly to the Red Cross.
Good for them.

What though I ask about Burma? What an awful mess that is and it's beginning to disappear from view. I guess virtually nobody in our industry has people or business there and, probably more to the point, very few trust the generals to point aid received in the country in the right direction. Thanks to one correspondent for pointing me to this release updating us on Medicin Sans Frontiers' view of the situation.

Update: the Marketing magazine web site also has an update on the way the advertising and sports industry is responding to the Sichuan earthquake. It points out that, "according to the Shanghai Daily, domestic and oversea donations have totaled RMB$9 billion".

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