Friday, August 08, 2014

Hangzhou to receive dedicated CVB

News this week: The Hangzhou Tourism Commission (HTC) is looking to take on the role as the city’s convention and exhibition bureau (CVB) in the near future reports TTGmice. According to the HTC, the eastern Chinese city hosted around 10,000 delegates through 15 international meetings in 2013, and is targeting to reach 25 by 2017.

The CVB will be operated through a newly established division, Hangzhou MICE Promotion Center, and joins HTC’s existing branch of Hangzhou Tourism Promotion Center. Earlier in 2009, the Hangzhou Tourism Promotion Center established a MICE department, and set up the Hangzhou MICE Association in 2010 which currently has more than 100 members.

Roger Shu, MICE manager of HTC, was quoted saying, “Hangzhou is number three in China’s MICE ranking. We do not want to lose out to Nanjing, which is also in the same position, and Chengdu, which was number three in 2012. Hangzhou’s need for a CVB like Singapore, like Hong Kong, and to professionalise the industry are being highlighted to the city’s mayor, and we hope the bureau can be set up by next year.”

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