Friday, July 18, 2014

UFI’s survey: contrasting perspectives in key exhibition markets

News this week: Earlier this week, UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, announced the results of its 13th Global Exhibition Barometer Survey, with a majority of respondents reporting a continual increase in revenues since 2011 which is expected to continue in the coming year. The survey was answered by 201 companies from 63 countries.

According to the survey, an average of 70% of companies in all regions declared an increase in revenue in 2014. However, 56% of the respondents declared that the impact of the “economic crisis” on their business is still ongoing with most anticipating its end in 2015. At a national level, a relative slowdown is expected in China where 25% of respondents declared an increase of 10% of their annual profit for 2014, compare to 52% for 2013.

Paul Woodward, UFI’s managing director, commented, “Our survey confirms that the exhibition media remains globally strong despite continuing economic challenges. UFI’s Global Barometer has become an important indicator for the industry and its stakeholders. Building on these encouraging results, we are planning to further develop the national insights that we introduced for the first time in this edition of the report.”

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