Tuesday, April 20, 2010

van der Kamp takes a run at the HKTDC

In today's South China Morning Post, Jake van der Kamp takes on the HKTDC - and not for the first time in his career. Jake's piece is out just ahead of today's meeting of the Panel on Commerce and Industry which will feature a who's who of the exhibition industry. The public gallery is reportedly already fully booked for this event.

van der Kamp makes some worthy points, but he also gets a bit over-excited as he often does. Here is an example of that:

"[The HKTDC] are not really promoting Hong Kong's exports now. They are promoting China's exports and, when you ask them why, they excuse themselves on the grounds that these exports come substantially from Hong Kong-invested companies across the border… There are many thousands of Hong Kong ID card holders in Vancouver and a good number of them are also involved in the export business. Why does the TDC not promote Canadian exports, too, in that case? What about it, fellas? It follows from your logic."

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