Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Of Asia B2B blogging

A couple of quick snippets on the small world of Asia B2B blogging:

  1. Trapp Lewis (we spoke of him just the other day) has launched a new blog, the Trade Media Blog. It's heavily focused on the world he knows very well of the Global Sources/Alibaba space. Recent posts, though cover the all-important quality issue and China overtaking Canada as the top supplier to the US. Trapp has kindly included us in his exclusive blog roll. Thank you!
  2. Eddie Choi's Tradedot has been included in the BIGLIST SEO Blogs 'hall of fame'. Take a look at his latest post on the search terms that are driving traffic to his site. Again, the Glob-ibaba combination features large.
Good luck with both gentlemen. I welcome both of your contributions to intelligent debate on the business world we cover.

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