Friday, November 02, 2007

Asia highlighted in new Weitzner role at CMP

Folio magazine reports that Steven Weitzner is stepping down as CEO of CMP Technology in the USA to take on a new role as head of international M&A and business development. It's clearly a bit of a surprise as no replacement has been announced and the parent company's CEO, David Levin, will be taking on an interim chairman role while the search goes on.

What caught our eye was this paragraph:

In his new role for CMP Technology, Weitzner has a large playing field to work with. "As an organization, UBM's got over a quarter of its business in Asia. We've got substantial and fast-growing businesses in India and China," says Levin. "And in old Europe there are opportunities as well, so Steve has an open field to look at."
It's not quite clear how that all fits into the tri-partite CMP family (with CMPi in the UK and CMP Asia based in Hong Kong). We shall watch with interest.

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